There’s something about sleeping amidst the wisdom of branches that makes you feel like a child again. As day turns to night, primates screech from the trees around you, anticipating the dark night ahead filled with big-toothed predators on the prowl. Whether it’s the view, gazing down from your secret spot as unsuspecting elephants go by below, the eerie night sounds or watching for shooting stars above, one thing we’re sure of, it’s a magical way to experience the African bush.

From romantic four-poster beds under the Kalahari stars to the lofty heights of an old grain silo high above Cape Town’s concrete jungle, we’ve rounded up the very best treehouses. An unforgettable night in one of our favourites will cast the final spell on any African safari.

If you love treehouses as much as we do, our extraordinary treehouses itinerary will have you on top of the world.

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