The best African Safari operators Hidden Africa wins "Most unique safari operator 2024"

Hold onto your binoculars because we’ve got some exciting news to share! Drumroll… Hidden Africa has been chosen from a long list of the world’s best African safari operators as the “Most Unique”. We were crowned (we do love a crown) in the prestigious LUXLife Travel & Tourism Awards 2024. 

For the eighth year running, the LUXLife Travel & Tourism Awards have rolled out the red carpet to celebrate the best and brightest in the biz. 

But let’s rewind a bit. Hidden Africa was born from a dream fueled by passion and inspired by creativity. From the get-go, our mission was clear: to be a little different and a lot of fun. 

We set out to revolutionise the safari experience by focusing on the unusual. To us, different is delightful. That’s why we avoid all the usual travel clichés, take you away from all the usual hotels, and go far beyond the usual service you’ve come to expect.

Everything we do is carefully considered, refreshingly personal, wonderfully fun, unexpectedly detailed, truly meaningful, unique, memorable—and a little different (phew). 

So imagine our enthusiasm when Hidden Africa was recognised as the Most Unique Safari Operator in 2024. You see, we think ordinary is boring! In fact when it comes to a safari with Hidden Africa, it’s very much business unusual.

As one of the best African safari operators, our passion for customer experience is also proudly reflected in our five-star Google rating. And yes, we love stars as much as we love crowns!

We’ve reimagined the lu*ury experience – it’s about being able to count the stars above you, not just the ones on the hotel door. The experience is everything. The unexpected friendships with the smiles behind the service. Feeling at home, even when you’re a million miles away.

Winning “Most Unique Safari Operator” is a feather in our safari hat, but the real reward? That’s seeing the wonder in our guests’ eyes as they witness nature’s spectacle up close. It’s the shared laughter around the campfire, the heart-pounding excitement of a game drive, and the lifelong memories etched into every sunset.

Chad Le Helloco, co-founder and Head of Sales (aka the Top Banana), said: “Our team is dedicated to crafting unforgettable adventures that redefine the safari experience. Now we are part of an exclusive club; the best African safari operators in the world. And with our commitment to excellence, personalised service, and safari expertise, we aim to lead the way in creating memories that last a lifetime.” 

So grab your binoculars and join us as we continue to explore Africa’s wild places and inspire wanderlust in all who dare to dream. Thank you to LUXLife and our incredible team for this prestigious honour. Here’s to many more extraordinary journeys ahead!

Impact: We’re serious about conservation. 

Hidden Africa prioritises working with camps and lodges supporting conservation and community outreach. For example, a percentage of each guest’s stay in our preferred lodges goes to conservation and community outreach projects. In addition, a per-person conservation fee is used towards sustaining the Game Reserves and National Parks. Thirdly, the camps participate in foundations that rely on donations. If you like, you can visit some of these projects while on safari to experience how your dollars filter down to the local communities.  

There is no better way to make a difference; without the contribution of our guests and travellers, there would be far fewer wild places left on Earth—it’s really that simple!

About Hidden Africa

Headquartered in Cape Town, we’re a little different and a lot of fun. The most famous safari company you’ve (probably) never heard of?

Hidden Africa curates far-from-ordinary safaris and beach hideaways across seven different African destinations. These are one-of-a-kind adventures quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before, built entirely around you.

We invite you to go somewhere, different. Follow in the footsteps of great explorers and join us on a thrilling adventure to an extraordinary hidden world.

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