Skybeds Camp

Fancy yourself a true adventure-seeker? A thrilling night in one of only three star-studded Skybeds Camp beckons. Here the action happens on a multi-storey wooden platform five meters up in the air above a busy waterhole with nothing more than a schlumfy feather duvet and a mozzie net between you and the Milky Way. Teeming with pachyderms and predators, your private waterhole never sleeps, and quite honestly you may not want to, either. Resting between heaven and earth, with rumbling elephants below and a gazillion stars above, your only care in the world will be whether to look up or down.

Stuff we love

View from the top

  • Giggling like naughty kids on your first camp out, flashing torches at every crackle.
  • Working out true south using only the angles of the Southern Cross above you.
  • A front row seat to the theatre of animals who visit your waterhole.

Skybeds Camp in pictures

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