Ngala Treehouse

Ngala Treehouse is not for the faint of heart, If you’re scared of heights, look away now. Soaring four and a half storeys above the Timbavati, this completely private treehouse experience promises a night you’ll never forget. While a boma below keeps the beasties at bay, the night sky above is all yours. Sleep out on the top deck of Ngala Treehouse under the stars, or opt for the fully enclosed bedroom below for all of the comforts with none of the creatures. The jars stuffed full of snacks, fresh dips and sweet treats make for an epic midnight feast. And whoever designed the genius pulley system that effortlessly carts your drinks up four flights of stairs, deserves a bloody medal.


Stuff we love

Don't look down

  • Watching the elephants gorge themselves on the boozy fruit of the marula trees below.
  • Doing stuff you’ve not done before in places you’ve not been before. (We obviously mean picnicking in a Timbavati treehouse.)
  • Discovering the joys of a morning constitutional with one hell of a view

Ngala Treehouse in pictures

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