About YOU (It’s not actually about us)

Interested in Our Story? Our safaris are more than first-class flights and five-star lodges. Our focus is on creating meaningful journeys designed around our travellers, where experience is everything. It’s about the stars above you and not just the ones on the door.

You choose how you want to travel, Our Custom Safaris are tailor-made trips, where we use our knowledge of the camps, seasons and game in each region to plan the perfect fly-in safari, built entirely around you. Your budget, your dates and your preferences. Launching in 2023, our Secret Safari offers a great opportunity to learn more about life in Africa and the issues facing conservation and communities, whilst remaining firmly rooted in our desire to surprise and delight. The safari is a big part of story ur Story a Secret Safari you’ll travel with a dedicated guide. It’s like travelling with a walking, talking (and drinking) Encyclopaedia Britannica. You will be hosted to a meal in a local character’s home and hear from interesting speakers, tackling a diverse range of topics from pangolins to poaching. (But, note, the learning happens in-between the fun – we set little fact traps along the way, when you least expect them.) 

Whilst we guarantee exquisite accommodation and top-notch services, three decades in the travel industry has taught us that the greatest luxury of all, is the ability to give back. Without travellers just like you, there would be far fewer wild spaces left in Africa, it’s really that simple. So, let’s start with a “thank you”. Africa gets into your blood like no other destination and it changes you, forever. Plus, a safari is quite simply the best holiday you’ll ever have.

Unique destinations, alternative types of accommodation, unexpected casts of local characters: It is our deepest wish that our safaris will not just move you, but transform you. Welcome to life’s greatest adventure. We can’t wait to meet you.

Far from ordinary Who we are

At Hidden Africa, we’re a little different. We think differently. We speak differently. We do things differently.

We think ordinary’s boring.

To us, comfort zones are for afternoon naps. And cookie-cutters have absolutely no business anywhere near a travel itinerary—cookies, however, are a different story.

To us, different is delightful.

That’s why we avoid all the usual travel clichés. We take you away from all the usual places. We go far beyond the usual service you’ve come to expect. Everything we do is carefully considered, refreshingly personal, unexpectedly detailed, truly meaningful, special, memorable—and wonderfully fun!

When it comes to a safari with Hidden Africa, it’s business unusual.

We don’t show you the same old Africa as everyone else. We delight in its secrets. We don’t ask the usual questions. We discover what makes you tick. We don’t put together ordinary itineraries. We create unique experiences for each and every person.

We’re anything but ordinary. In fact, we’re far from it.

Associations and Insurance For your peace of mind

We are proud members of the Southern Africa Tourism Service Association (SATSA), a dynamic group of quality tourism providers within Southern Africa. SATSA’s purpose is to provide travellers with advice and information on reputable tourism partners in Southern Africa.

SATSA has also established the SATSA bonding scheme, a consumer protection scheme to provide guarantees against deposits held with SATSA members. In other words, SATSA has created a fund to deal with losses incurred by any customer of a SATSA member, as a result of that member being placed under involuntary liquidation. Bonded insurance ensures that our travellers’ money is safe. SATSA members operate by a strict code of conduct and travellers have additional recourse through the complaints forum.

We are also proud members of African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA). Based in the UK, ATTA is a member-driven trade association that promotes travel to Africa, it comprises around 600 members. To be included members must be nominated and vetted.

Finally we partner with SATIB a specialist insurance provider for added protection and peace of mind.

Hamba gahle Meet the co-founders

Sean Hough

The Ruler

Sean’s our CVO, or Chief Vision Officer – the reading glasses are purely coincidental. He’s the big picture guy and it’s his passion for travel that fan the flames of what we do at Hidden Africa.

Sean first dipped his toe into the travel industry over thirty years ago, and he never looked back. Sean says; “I’ve been fortunate, I've had the greatest opportunities and enjoyed a fun and rewarding career. My passion for travel (and a string of good luck) took me from sales rep. to CEO.”

Of all the great survival skills, like making fire, fixing things, hanging pictures or dancing at weddings, Sean drew the ‘organising stuff’ straw. (Though it should be noted he once boarded the wrong flight and lived to tell the tale.) It’s why we call him ‘The Ruler’, not because he’s the boss or anything, he finds inner peace in straight lines and order.

From the winding waterways of the Okavango Delta to the summit of Kilimanjaro, and all the bustling cities and deserted beaches in-between, Sean’s seen it all. And few are more qualified than him to share it with you.

Chad Le Helloco

The Top Banana

In addition to heading up our sales team, Chad’s the artistic genie who makes our aesthetic dreams come true; the go-to guy on all things design-related. Surprisingly, for such a high functioning creative, he’s a real ‘people person’. Then again, nothing about him is average – except maybe his Padel ranking.

Together with an appreciation for a well-rounded chardonnay, travel is encoded in Chad’s DNA. It’s where he always knew he’d end up. As a boy, he was a prolific letter-writer. He wrote to every embassy in the phone book requesting glossy travel brochures for fictitious school projects. Not even the Queen escaped his charms.

His foundation in branding and advertising has stood him in good stead. Over the years, Chad’s brought travel, hospitality, décor and design brands to life with his own stylish brand of creativity (and devastating good looks).

He’s an unapologetic foodie who loves crosswords and the smell of rain in the bush. His affinity for trashy thrillers aside, Chad comes alive at the back of a Landcruiser, binoculars in hand. His game spotting skills are legendary – just one of the many things that make him utterly indispensable around here.

Victoria Steinhardt

Senior Africa Travel Expert

Victoria is one of those people who seems to have been born with a passport in her hand. She's a true citizen of the world, with roots in Germany, the UK, the USA, Australia and South Africa. She’s the adult in our team but her charm is her real superpower - be warned.

As a traveller, her love affair with the safari and adventure started at the tender age of eight when she visited the iconic Londolozi in South Africa. Her parents must have been beside themselves when after the safari, all she wanted to eat for every meal was a springbok spring roll. But It was clear she had developed a taste for adventure and a love for the bush.

Victoria and Sean met almost 20 years ago on the ski slopes of Kitzbuhel in Austria. They were working (if it counts as work) for a ski operator. Vicky was younger and much cooler, but luckily she was always lovely to Sean - coincidentally, they landed up working for the same Travel Company in South Africa, where Sean was the boss (or so he thinks). And now they have again joined forces to focus on their shared passion for Africa.

It all began when Africa called to her, and in 2005 she made a move. It was like falling in love again – with Africa, the bush and the people (and maybe a boy). And Victoria grabbed it by the horns! She explored lodges all over South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Kenya, taking in all the stunning scenery, wildlife, and unique experiences each place had to offer.

And as she travelled, Victoria honed her skills in the South African travel industry, becoming a master of product management and marketing. She's like a Jedi knight with spreadsheets. She has spent over 15 years working in leisure travel at a senior level, ensuring that the right holidays find their way to the right people.

But don't let the organisational prowess fool you - Victoria is an adventurer at heart. Uber charming and loves nature, wildlife, the great outdoors, beaches, family time, and wine. (in no particular order) To her, every holiday is a chance to create a lifelong memory, and it's the little details that get her genuinely excited.

And as if that weren't enough, Victoria has a little boy of her own, just three years old, whom she can't wait to introduce to the wonders of the bush. With her boundless energy, endless curiosity, and deep love for all things Africa, there's no telling where Victoria's adventures will take her next – but you can bet it'll be an exciting journey.

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