A place apart Nosy Ankao

Nosy Ankao is a remote and exotic island sanctuary just off the north eastern tip of Madagascar, its ideal if you need privacy, enjoy powder white beaches, lemur trekking and ultra luxury, of course.

Madagascar – a land apart – has evolved its own unique biological order including more than a hundred species of lemur, a giant as well as a dwarf chameleon, the spiky echidna and the alien-looking aye-aye among them. Then there’s the peculiar language – the word for scuba diver would fill half a page. Then there is fady, the local version of taboo. For example, on Nosy Ankao it might require people to walk backwards on alternate Tuesdays, or not (but don’t fret: foreigners are exempt). This land of unspoken beauty and variety teems with natural marvels, enveloped in a tropical ocean alive with marine life. Then there is the resort, designed by an inspired couple whose work is renowned world-wide. It really is a place apart.

Nosy Ankao Itineraries

11 nights Custom Safari Zambia safari and Madagascar beach Counting your lucky stars

Starts: Johannesburg Ends: Johannesburg

Price from USD $27395 per person

Lodges in Nosy Ankao

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