Beach Hideaways

From uninhabited Indian Ocean islands to Cape Town’s rocky coastline, our exclusive collection of picture-perfect beach hideaways lets you catch your post-safari breath in hypnotic luxury. Whether you’re diving with turtles, island hopping on a catamaran or just wiggling your toes in the powdery white sand, each lazy day in Paradise ebbs and flows into the next.

Amid the colourful dhows and tropical waters of Mozambique’s pristine archipelagos and Madagascar’s forested nosys, luxurious eco-sanctuaries, private islands and honeymooners abound. This is escapism at its finest; barefoot luxury beach hideaways, and hospitality at its most sublime. Snorkelling, sightseeing, diving and dining …While there’s plenty of activity on offer, sometimes all you have to do is nothing, and let your discreet host take care of everything else.

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