Tswalu Motse

Tswalu Motse is calling all seasoned safari connoisseurs, this one’s for you. With its refined experience, private vehicles as standard, and a fascinating mix of rare and elusive species, this “Green Kalahari” camp is something extra special. The Tswalu Motse menus heave with fresh local fare. (Like us, pistachios love a hot dry climate, and several find their way from farm to frangipane tart) There’s a never-ending stream of homemade goodies and a dinner invitation to the unforgettable Klein JAN, extended by its Michelin star-wielding namesake, Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen, himself.


Stuff we love

Tswalu Motse, the king of the Kalahari

  • Squatting in the red sand inspecting a fresh set of tracks while on the hunt for pangolins and bat-eared foxes.
  • Tucking into warm chunks of potbrood baked over the braai coals in a cast-iron pot. (Bring your ‘fat pants’!)
  • Finding a beautifully boxed goodnight story on your bed each evening, paired with hand-crafted bon-bons to match the tale.

Tswalu Motse in pictures

Lodge activities

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