Ellerman House

Grandeur, thy name is Ellerman House. Perched on the cliffs above Cape Town’s uber exclusive Bantry Bay, this Edwardian slice of heaven is hidden from sight. The “house” boasts more than a thousand pieces of artwork in its world-famous art collection, some in the dedicated viewing gallery and some casually hung on your bedroom wall. Escape the rabble with your own private villa where everyone’s at your beck and call. Pair a vintage Dom Pérignon with a bento box of culinary goodies. And stroll through the protea-filled terraces of the garden. Oh, and a Wine Gallery?! Don’t mind if we do…


Stuff we love

A chic address

  • Vertical tastings of some of South Africa’s finest vintages before dinner.
  • Soaking up some Vitamin D on a stripey black and white sun chaise in the garden.
  • Taking a short stroll down to Clifton beach and digging your toes into the soft sand.

Ellerman House in pictures

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